Company History

Everest was founded when the principals came together to provide a product that was in short supply. We found that the majority of clients, who had taken on construction projects, were un-happy with the results of their project for one reason or another. We found an overwhelming number of contractors were not meeting the basic needs of the client. Everest was formed to meet these needs. We feel bringing a project in on time and on budget should not be the main goal. There are many contractors who can do this. We deliver a better experience, focusing more on the details.

Everest annually completes jobs of all sizes and descriptions. We pride ourselves on our long and established relationships with our clients, subcontractors, and vendors. Our financial strength, reliability and impeccable credit rating are well known in the industry.

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Everest provides both construction management and general contracting services, either separately or together. For clients with in-house construction and architectural staff, we can act as general contractor following your in-house construction management guidance.

For clients without construction, architectural and engineering specialists, we can serve as construction managers throughout the entire process, from beginning to end.


Everest’s pre-construction services are all-encompassing, from the early development phases of design to the point that construction commences.

During pre-construction, some of the services that our company is capable of providing include preparation of budget estimates, detailed project schedules and a thorough review of proposed construction logistics. While budgets and schedules are being prepared, we usually make recommendations to clients that will assist them with meeting time and cost constraints.

We thoroughly review design documents and advise on availability of specified materials and equipment, and at that time a full value engineering period is conducted. Value engineering is a process of making formal recommendations to a client where possible savings of both time and cost can be attained without sacrificing the overall quality of design.

As design documents are completed, we assist clients with coordination of the various disciplines involved and perform a thorough review and make logistical recommendations regarding the process for completing construction of the actual project.

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General Contracting

Providing quality general contracting services is one of the key staples of Everest’s’ business. Regardless of the size or description of a given project, we have the people, the knowledge and the technological tools to make your building project a success.

As general contractors, we convert the plans and specifications of architects and engineers into viable buildings that will make our clients happy.

Projects where Everest serves as general contractor are usually completed under a negotiated and agreed upon lump sum contract price.

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Construction Management

A common approach in today’s market for completing construction projects is the use of construction management. Everest is often hired by clients to serve as construction managers for their projects and this is usually through an agreed upon fee that is based on the overall cost of construction.

Since construction management tends to be heavily administrative and relies mostly on monitoring of project documentation, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that a complete and thorough system of project controls is implemented.

Under the approach of construction management, many of the services provided during pre-construction are continued, such as work related to budgeting, scheduling and logistics preparation. At this time we will work with the client to establish a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) that will serve as the base contract amount for construction.

During construction management we maintain and manage all documentation associated with the project, from drawings and specifications to general correspondence, meeting minutes and permits. We conduct the bidding process on a trade by trade basis, from preparation of bid packages, to analyzing bids and making contract award recommendations to finally preparing and issuing formal trade contracts.

As construction manager, we manage the project throughout the entire construction project, supervising and coordinating all work to meet our clients’ objectives. We also monitor and issue periodic cost reports to ensure that the project is on track and within budget and review and certify monthly payment requisitions of the various trade contractors.


Design Build

A relatively new approach to completing a project is through the use of the design/build project delivery method. The design/build process is a comprehensive and uniquely effective way of completing a project, since it provides an opportunity to offer the highest levels of planning, design and execution while saving the client both time and money. The advantages of design/build begin with team-building, and Everest has started to pursue design/build work by jointly venturing with a design firm which has completed various and numerous projects in the past. By pursuing this type of work, the designer and contractor will work together throughout the project as a single unit, helping to maximize the efficiency of both design and contracting costs and services. Together, the joint venture will save valuable time, jointly monitor the costs of the project and minimize the need for late-stage changes.

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